Season 1 Episode 2: Master Planner {Life As A Virgin}.


Tonia: “Hello, did i say something wrong. You look lost”

Queen: “Don’t mind me, i only remembered something”

 “And what do you remember?”

“Never mind…its not important”

 “If you insist…So back to my question, are you really a virgin?”

…I gave her a long stare, probably trying to figure out what to say to her. Oh how i hate such question, its kinda embarrassing. And moreover we just met so she can’t just ask me such question!!!

But nevertheless, she seems to be a nice person, jovial and chatty as well.

There is no need hiding it from her, its not like i was probably gonna win a trophy for being a VIRGIN, guess i have to split it out…

“If i tell you, will you believe me”…I said to her

“Of course yes, what are friends for, although we just met but i believe i have known you all my life”

“Alright, i will tell you”

“Am listening”…Said Tonia

…I guess i have no choice than to tell her, who knows, she might be a virgin too!

“Well, uhm, well, (I was beginning to scratch my head, trying to figure out what to say to Tonia)

“Well what”…Tonia cuts in

“Alright…i am a virgin and i have never lay with any man”

“You are joking right”…Said Tonia

“No am not…seriously, i have never lay with any man and i kinda find it strange”

“Indeed, its very strange…how old are you Queen?”

“Why do you ask?”…I replied her



“Just tell me please”

“Am 24″…I replied her

“24…do you mean 2 and 4, as in 24years. Wow, and you are still a virgin. I can’t believe it”

“You better believe it…Being a virgin is not a new thing so i wonder why you are surprised”…

“Am surprised because in this era you hardly find a virgin of your age”…Said Tonia

“If you say so! So tell me, are you a VIRGIN?”…
I asked her, directing my gaze towards her.

….She was speechless, trying to figure out the next thing to say, i noticed that she was restless, it was like something had erupted inside her.

“If you don’t want to answer my question, just leave it, its not important anyway”

“I will answer your question”…Tonia finally utter a word

i replied her

“I was raped, its a long story”

“You were raped, how? Why?”

“I will tell you everything”…

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